Session 1: Professional journalists

  1. Tracy Baim, "Windy City Times" -- A Historical Look at LGBTQIA+ Representation in the Media
  2. Kate Grossman, WBEZ -- The Collapsing Wall Between Opinion and Fact-Based Journalism
  3. Jamie Kalven, Invisible Institute -- Reporting the Police Shooting of Laquan McDonald
  4. Gary Marx, "The Chicago Tribune" -- Why Old-Fashioned Investigative Journalism is Needed More Than Ever

Session 2: Professional journalists

  1. Mei-Ling Hopgood, Medill School of Journalism -- The Global Prism: How Identity, Culture, and Language Shape How We Consume and Create Stories
  2. Maudlyne Ihejirika, "The Chicago Sun-Times" -- Refugee to Respected Reporter: One Journalist's Journey
  3. Miles Kampf-Lassin, "In These Times" -- The New Age of Journalism
  4. Gillian White, "The Atlantic" -- Responsible Reporting: What it Looks Like and How to Do it

Session 3: School groups

  1. Latin School of Chicago -- The Non-News Epidemic
  2. Lincoln Park High School -- The War With Snapchat: Maintaining Relevance in the Digital Age
  3. "The Parker Weekly" Editors-in-Chief -- Fighting the "Fake News" Accusation

Session 4: School groups

  1. Francis W. Parker Literature Post-Truth Group -- Advice from George Orwell and Toni Morrison
  2. Logan Aimone, University High School -- 6 for '18: The Reader's Needs
  3. Peter Kotecki, "The Daily Northwestern" -- Reporting on a College Campus After the Election